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We love what we do.  Passionate and dedicated, we keep our finger on the pulse of the world of whisky and wine, always seeking quality, authenticity and value.


Working in close collaboration with winemakers around the globe, we bring memorable wines to Ontario and Quebec.

Some are entrepreneurs and innovators; others are young people taking the helm in family estates founded centuries ago.  Creative, they share a common passion for quality and a desire to convey in their wines the unique character of their origins…. a sense of place…. terroir.

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Seeking whisky, rum, armagnac, cognac, calvados or gin?  Our range will fascinate you.

From the finest distilleries of Scotland, our whiskies are crafted with human involvement at each step of the production process.  We source rare and highly sought-after whiskies from every region of Scotland, and spirits from France and other countries that reflect the distinctive character of their origins.

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