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Connexion Oenophilia represents fine wines produced by exceptional estates, many of them family-owned.  All are committed to producing wines of superb quality.


Jean-Max Roger

Sancerre Rosé Cuvée La Grange Dîmière

Loire :: France


Today, the estate covers a surface area of 26 ha in the Sancerre AOC area of production which is located along the Loire River. It also includes 5 ha of vines located in the Menetou-Salon AOC area of production where the first plantations date back to 1981. We produce white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc as well as reds and rosés made from Pinot Noir.             
Our rosé is called “La Grange Dîmière” in reference to one of Bué’s ancient tithe barns which constitutes the oldest part of our winery.

Grape varieties::

Pinot Noir


The grapes are pressed immediately using a pneumatic press and the must is cold settled for between 48 and 72 hours. The grape sediment is carefully removed and the clear juice is brought up to temperature.  Yeasts are added and fermentation lasts from 4 to 8 weeks under controlled temperatures in order to extract and preserve as much aromatic complexity as possible. The wine is first racked in February or March. Bentonite fining removes unstable proteins and polishes the aromas.  The wine is Kieselguhr filtered and bottled at the estate’s facilities.


Brilliant salmon pink colour.


The nose reveals notes of ripe strawberries, hints of citrus and tropical fruits.


Dry, bright acidity with a crisp finish and some salinity.

Food pairing::

Ideal with smoked salmon or ceviche. It may be served as an aperitif.


Natural cork

% alc./vol. ::