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Connexion Oenophilia represents fine wines produced by exceptional estates, many of them family-owned.  All are committed to producing wines of superb quality.


Domaine La Haute Fevrie

Muscadet Sèvre-&-Maine Sur Lie Le Fils des Gras Moutons

Loire :: France


Domaine “la Haute ‎Févrie” lies 18 km south-east of ‎Nantes, right in the heart of the ‎Muscadet Sèvre et Maine protected ‎designation of origin. The estate vines grow on ‎the hills overlooking the Sèvre, ‎between Saint-Fiacre and Monnières. ‎They enjoy optimum ripening ‎conditions and the Muscadet they ‎produce is highly expressive of the ‎soil it grew on. The family has produced four generations of winemakers that have carefully ‎tended to their vines to ensure that they produce the very best grapes possible. Today the ‎estate covers 30 hectares of ‎vineyards, all within the ‎Muscadet Sèvre et Maine ‎protected designation of origin. It is made up of several plots, each with a different aspect and soil: siliceous clay or gravelly and shallow, all on metamorphic rock (gneiss, ‎orthogneiss and amphibolites), resulting in a range of highly individual “clos”: Le Clos de la ‎Févrie, Les Mauguitonnières, Les Gras moutons (Saint-Fiacre), Le Clos Joubert, Le Moulin ‎de la Gustais, Le Clos du Pégatine and many others.‎ No chemical fertilizers used in vineyards. This combined with painstaking methods in the cellar result in complex and elegant wines.

Grape varieties::

100% Melon de Bourgogne from hand-picked 40-70 year old vines.


Bright straw colour.


Clean, pure note of fennel, fresh cut flowers and citrus.


Medium bodied, refreshing spritz and good length on crisp finish.

Food pairing::

Oysters is perfect match or as an apéritif.


Natural cork.

% alc./vol. ::