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Fine wines produced by exceptional estates, many of them family-owned.


Clos des Moiselles

Côtes de Bourg

Bordeaux :: France


At the age of 20, Oswaldo was already an accomplished individual. He had earned his Chemistry degree, and had the dream of one day becoming a baseball player for the New York Yankees. Then, in a twist of faith, an internship led him to come across his now life passion: wine.
Venezuelan-born Oswaldo Hernandez had the dream of becoming Major-league Baseball-player when he discovered his true passion for wine and traded his field of dreams, for hopes of having his own vineyard in France.
Oswaldo moved from Caracas to France’s wine region of Bordeaux where he studied oenology. Having worked at many of France’s prestigious houses, Oswaldo has proven that he truly learned from the best, by creating award winning wines. He’s now looking to bring his passion to the U.S. and hopes to continue… batting a thousand.
The Bordeaux region boasts a rich soil with a unique blend of clay and limestone – allowing the Merlot grape to thrive and provide CDM Wines with its rich color, full-body and soft texture.

Grape varieties::

50% Cabernet Sauvignon
42% Merlot
8% Malbec


60% of the wine is aged in barrels.


Deep red and consistent color.


Delicate and complex. Peppery and menthol notes stand out when opening the wine.


The palate is full and round. fantastic volume in the mouth with a pinch of vanilla aroma.


Natural cork.

% alc./vol. ::