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Fine wines produced by exceptional estates, many of them family-owned.



Campo del Guardiano

Umbria :: Italy


In 1969 the Dubini family bought the property “Palazzone”, constructed by Cardinal Teodorico at the bidding of Pope Boniface VIII as a hostel for pilgrims on their way to Rome to celebrate the Jubilee of 1300 A.D. Today after a restoration with respect for the noble architecture, “Palazzone” is a boutique hotel with elegant suites. The hilly portion of the land adjacent to Rocca Ripesena, with its superb view of Orvieto on its majestic crag, consisted of sedimentary soil and clay.

Angelo Dubini decided to plant 25 hectares to vines of varieties that he expected would make wine of great complexity and character. In 1982 his two sons, Giovanni and Lodovico, made the first small vintage from these grapes. In1988 their vintage was sufficient to justify the construction of a winery to process all their own grapes and also to organise and begin the commercial marketing of what is now “Palazzone” wine regarded as one of the most significant labels in Umbria.

Their conception of the wine is intimately linked to the vineyard, only from there they can get out the real satisfactions, those that remain.

The grapes from Orvieto do not have the solar expressiveness of some “easy” grapes and so their margins of improvement are not so immediate, so the work in the vineyard relies on continuity rather than miraculous choices.

This wine comes from the most beautiful piece of land on the estate. It is named after the generations of small farmers who tilled the land. From this land has been born a wine that is refined by being laid down in bottles in an ancient cave carved out of tufo over which grows a chestnut wood. The complexity, the aroma and the freshness of the fruit remain intact with the passing of the years and the wine has shown an astonishing capacity to age beautifully.

Grape varieties::

Procanico 50%
Grechetto 30%
Verdello, Drupeggio, Malvasia 20%


Intense straw colour with a sharp grassy note.


Bouquet deep and refined.


In the mouth the wine is silky but with sufficient body to hold and extend a full, vibrant and persistent sensation.

Food pairing::

With dishes that are not only strongly flavored but are of the style and perfection of our traditional Umbrian recipes for white meat and chicken.

% alc./vol. ::