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Fine wines produced by exceptional estates, many of them family-owned.



Byrrh Grand Quinquina

Languedoc-Roussillon :: France


In 1866, two brothers, Pallade and Simon Violet from Thuir, a small village in the South of France, invented a new apéritif initially used for its medicinal benefits.  This mysterious beverage was widely distributed in French pharmacies and gradually became a feature in bistros.

This was the beginning of an incredible story going through the “Belle Époque” (1890s - 1910s) and the “Années folles” (1920s).  The popularity of Byrrh was boosted by extensive advertising campaigns.

By 1935 it was the leading aperitif brand in France, with annual sales of 35 million litres.  Byrrh is a premium apéritif with high aromatic complexity, which has greatly contributed to the tradition of the French aperitif.

Byrrh is still produced in the original production facility in Thuir, created in 1873 and designed by Gustave Eiffel.  Visitors are welcome to this magnificent historical building.

Grape varieties::

Muscat, macabeu and grenache


A wine-based apéritif. No added sugar.  Made from “mistelles” prepared from muscat wine and wine-based alcohol with natural sweetness and fruitiness. The mistelle is blended with wines (fruity Macabeu and Grenache giving body) and with an infusion of aromatic plants including coffee, bitter orange, colombo and cocoa, as well as as the finest cinchona (quinine) barks, infused in alcohol.


The final blend is aged for several years in a very large oak vat.


Clear, brick red with bright ruby red highlights.


Ripe blueberries, raspberries, plums.


Light bodied yet rich with comforting red wines, underlying spicy, earthy bitterness and hints of licorice, coffee and bitter chocolate.  Finish:  red peppercorn spice and fruitiness.

Food pairing::

Byrrh Grand Quinquina is enjoying a come-back as an old-school cocktail ingredient.

% alc./vol. ::