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Our whiskies hail from highly respected distilleries in Scotland, Japan, France and the United States.  Produced in the classic tradition, they appeal to adventurous whisky enthusiasts who have a genuine appreciation for quality.


James Eadie

Trademark X Blended Scotch Whisky

Scotland :: Scotland


“Mr. Eadie is the fortunate possessor of a recipe, bequeathed to him by his father, for a particular blend of whisky, and it was to taste this ancient Scotch mixture, that we rested awhile…” – Alfred Barnard, 1889.

James Eadie was rarely in a hurry.

Taking time to do things properly was just his way. And fortunately, his approach to making whisky was no different.

Born and raised near Gleneagles, Scotland, he had brewing and distilling in his blood: it was the family business.

So when the enterprising young James moved to Burton-on-Trent to set up his own brewery in 1854, he continued to blend Scotch in the same way that the Eadies had always done.

On May 16, 1877, James Eadie took advantage of the new Trade Mark Registration Act 1875 to register a simple, yet bold, logo.
Under this icon, his most traditional of whiskies became one of the world’s first trademarks: James Eadie’s Trade Mark “X”.

Blended whiskies transformed a little-known local drink into the global phenomenon of today. In the year that Mr. Eadie registered his trademark, The Wine Trade Review noted:
‘…little Highland whisky is now consumed as distilled. The public find blends so much better balanced and palatable…’
For decades thereafter, Trade Mark “X” – the “wee drappie”, ‘dispensed to a favoured few’ by Mr. Eadie, which so intrigued Alfred Barnard – was famous throughout the British Isles.

But, like many great names from the Victorian era, it did not survive into the 21st Century.
Luckily for us, a few bottles of James Eadie’s whisky did. So, too, do his ledgers, where he listed every purchase of whisky in minute detail. And they revealed a forgotten blend made from today’s most sought-after malts and grains.

In reviving Mr. Eadie’s blend, only whiskies from distilleries which he personally bought from have been included in this blend – including some which have long ceased production.

Finally, we invited veteran Master Blender Norman Mathison to use his four decades’ worth of expertise to bring Trade Mark “X” back to life.
The result is an elegant, peaty dram, which offers a rare glimpse into the art of blending from the first Golden Age of Scotch whisky.
After a lengthy slumber, Trade Mark “X” has been revived at last. We now invite you to savour this heritage blend – and become one of the ‘favoured few’.


Blended Scotch Whisky

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