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Our whiskies hail from highly respected distilleries in Scotland, Japan, France and the United States.  Produced in the classic tradition, they appeal to adventurous whisky enthusiasts who have a genuine appreciation for quality.


Pràban na Linne

Poit Dhubh 21 Year Old Blended Malt Whisky

Scotland :: Scotland


The Story of the Gaelic Whisky Collection. In 1976, Sir Iain Noble set up a whisky company to help create employment in the South of the Isle of Skye and to provide an authentic whisky for the Gaelic-speaking islands off the North West coast of Scotland.  Today ours is one of the few remaining family businesses in the Scotch Whisky industry. The Gaelic Whiskies is the only whisky company headquartered in the Scottish Hebrides.  Our office and shop can be found on the small private harbour of Eilean Iarmain, situated on the idyllic Sleat peninsula on the Isle of Skye. 
Real Whisky as it used to be! In keeping with traditional methods, our whiskies are “un-chilled filtered”. The Gaelic Whiskies have pioneered the re-introduction of this process, the authentic production method used originally by the Gaels when they first invented whisky. In using this method we retain all of the natural ingredients in our whiskies, resulting in a smoother, softer flavour.
The Gaelic Whiskies are recognized by the most discerning connoisseurs and have made a reputation for themselves at the top end of the quality market.
Pronounced “Potch Ghoo”, Poit Dhubh means illicit still in Gaelic. It is unchilfiltered and partly matured in sherry casks which lead to a soft graceful flavour.  Quite full-bodied, medium sweet rich with a good backbone of peatiness. Includes Islay peatiness & Speyside sweetness for a uniquely sweetly peaty taste profile.


Blended Malt

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21 Year Old

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