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Award-winning gins from craft distilleries in Chicago, Normandy, Northern Ireland and Scotland; Rums from Colombia and Mauritius.   


Klein Wanner

Sommer L'Authentique

:: France


A story that starts in Alsace in 1885
in 1885, in Ingwiller, a little village nestling in the North of Alsace, Gustave Klein and Ernest Wanner set themselves both an adventure and a gripping challenge: to make the best beer bitter in the region.
Favouring top quality ingredients, they selected sun-drenched citrus fruits, with oranges and tangerines at their head. The gentian came from the high windswept plateaux of the Massif Central, where it grows wild.



Grape varieties::

Slow, delicate maceration.  The ingredients macerate for long weeks in the dark, in the purest of alcohols. In times past this operation took place in big earthenware jars that were made in many potteries in the Betschdrof region, not far from Ingwiller.  It is during this maceration that the flavours of the citrus rind, gentian root and many other plants mingle to become the noble, refined product that is Sommer bitter.
During this period, only experience can guide to judge how the maceration is evolving and when the perfect moment to stop it is, when Sommer bitter can leave its delicate imprint of fruity, bitter-sweet aromas and flavours on beer.

A secret recipe
The exact recipe for Sommer bitters is a well-kept secret that has been handed down through generations of « maître infusers » (master infusers), using regional know-how that we perpetuate in the cellars of our old brewery Ingwiller.

Set in glass and paper
Sommer is magnificently presented in an elegant and refined yet generous engraved bottled. At its head, an « S » that is an emblem and a rallying call. The very ergonomic shape means that this precious nectar can be measured out very precisely.
The label is authentic through and through: oval and deliciously yesteryear in shades of orange with three medals that are the reminder of a share of over a century of Alsatian history, not forgetting an orange and a tangerine segment for Sommer’s unique recipe.
All these details show the nobility of Sommer Bitter, which is a reflection of Alsatian « art de vivre ».

Sommer l’Authentique is bitter for any occasion or celebration. A concentrate of flavours to share with friends, a true reflection of Alsatian good living.


A beautiful amber color accompanied by a fine mousse.


The characteristic aromas of Sommers Bitter are grilled beans (coffee, chocolate) and fudge. These give way candied citrus aromas (orange, tangerine).


In the mouth the bitterness of beer is set s « t », with a touch of spice (cinnamon, coriander).

Food pairing::

Delicately pour a pint of cool beer over 30 ml of Sommer L’Authentique.

% alc./vol. ::