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Award-winning gins from craft distilleries in Chicago, Normandy, Northern Ireland and Scotland; Rums from Colombia and Mauritius.   



Royal Spiced Rum

:: Mauritius


It is the unique combination of the care we put into our sugarcane cultivation and the precision of our distillation processes which instills our rums with unmatched authenticity and originality.

Presently, traditional rum represents about 90% of the world rum production. Mauritius is one of the few countries that produces both Traditional and Agricultural rums. Mauritian distilleries have been investing in both methods of rum production, namely the Pot-still and the Column processes.

After distilling, the rum is stocked in French and American oak barrels, while other industry’s stakeholders have invested in sherry and Sauternes casks to create new types of rum. As for Emperor Rum, we chose to enhance its unique flavour and sun-filled bouquet in oak barrels.

% alc./vol. ::