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Award-winning gins from craft distilleries in Chicago, Normandy, Northern Ireland and Scotland; Rums from Colombia and Mauritius.   


Domaine du Coquerel

Normindia Gin

:: France


Domaine du Coquerel is a Family owned and run distillery, producing Calvados since 1937.

After spending six months travelling around India, discovering a new country, a new civilization and new flavors, Pierre got back to business school keeping in mind this wonderful experience.

He then worked both in France and in the United States where he got the opportunity to taste hundreds of different spirits including Gin of course, which he fold in love with.

He then joined the family distillery, which has been producing Calvados since 1937 and developed his own signature Gin.
He found in an old family book dated from 1765 called “La Chymie du Goût et de l’Odorat” approved by Louis XV - King of France a recipe of a Juniper distillate.

It was the moment when we started to source the botanicals and begun the first laboratory maceration & micro-distillation with a team of flavorist, oenologist and master distiller.

- 2 years of R&D developing Normindia and looking for the best people to work with.
- 42 macerations in our laboratory before find the final recipe.
- 33 micro distillations made before reaching the expected result.

Normindia Gin was born!

Grape varieties::

Normindia Gin is a 100% crafted and bottled in-house.
- French wheat spirit.
- 4 to 12 days of maceration in a stainless steel vat, then distilled in continuous during 1 or 2 day(s) in small Calvados copper still. Small copper still brings smoothness, roundness & structure.
- 15 botanicals inspired from India (apple / orange / cinnamon / juniper / clove / lily / ginger / coriander).
- Batches of 6-12,5k bottles.


A gin that is fresh, fruity and smooth like a young Calvados and that gets a little spicy and floral at the end like an old Calvados.The perfect balance between spiciness, sweetness and smoothness.


IWSC 2018-Silver

90 Globe & Mail-Beppi Crosariol


% alc./vol. ::