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Award-winning Gins from craft distilleries in Chicago, Normandy, Northern Ireland and Scotland; Rums from Colombia and Mauritius, Connexion Oenophilia brings to you the finest SPIRITS.  



Coloma 8 ans

:: Colombia


The story of the Constain family is closely linked to the history of the Hacienda Coloma, the family country house built in the heart of Colombia.

In 1959, the Colombian government banned the distillation of alcohol and the production of rums. But as a big passionate on spirits, the owner Don Alberto promised himself that one day he will make rum, distilled from the best cane juice, and aged at Hacienda Coloma.

A few years after the death of Don Alberto in 2005, the Colombian government relaxed the rules for producing spirits. That’s when Alberto Constain Cenzano, son of Don Alberto, created the first Colombian premium coffee liqueur with the help of two Maestras Roneras and started the development of Ron Coloma, a premium rum with a decidedly Colombian character.

Grape varieties::

Gourmand without any excess, Coloma is a rum that is both accessible and complex. It is aged for 8 years at the Hacienda Coloma (1700m alt.) in American oak barrels.


Coffee, chocolate.


Dry vanilla, almond. Creamy, persistent.

% alc./vol. ::