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Award-winning Gins from craft distilleries in Chicago, Normandy, Northern Ireland and Scotland; Rums from Colombia and Mauritius, Connexion Oenophilia brings to you the finest SPIRITS.  



Augier Cognac Le Sauvage

:: France


Established in 1643 by a wine merchant, Augier is the oldest of the cognac houses.
Its history is one of constant experimentation at a time when the region was discovering the potential of its cognac eaux-de-vie, from unearthing grape varieties and local terroirs to learning about new distillation methods. By limiting production, the company guaranteed outstanding quality and
traceability,evidenced by blending records that date back over a hundred years.  The company’s integrity and values, acknowledged throughout the region, earned it a reputation as cognac’s “White House” or a byword for probity. Keen to safeguard this heritage, we have rededicated Augier to its original calling: to strive for typicality, cultivate neglected terroirs and grapes, and create cognacs of singular character.

Grape varieties::

Le Sauvage is made with Ugni Blanc grapes from Petite Champagne.


A bold cognac with an appealing intensity achieved by distilling the wine on its fine lees. We do not chill-filter our eaux-de-vie and prohibit any additives so that we can preserve the character and authenticity of our distillates. The complete traceability of the eaux-de-vie that make up our cognacs allows us to ensure the genuineness of their character.
Each of our cognacs bears the stamp of a single growth, whether from prestigious or long-forgotten terroirs. We seek to reflect the wealth and diversity of the Cognac region.


Rich, golden yellow.


Intense aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and clove.


The body displays complexity with fruit notes of candied apricot.

Food pairing::

Prickly pear roasted in honey, lemon and thyme. We opted for sweetness to go with such a powerful, energetic spirit. Prickly pears roasted in herbs and lemon become juicy and naturally caramelised. They have both the sweetness and the robustness to withstand Le Sauvage.


Cork T


Spirit Journal: 5 star, Highest recommendation (December 2016)

92 Beppi Crosariol, Globe and Mail (October 2017)


% alc./vol. ::