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Wooing Tree

Wooing Tree is a family owned single vineyard site, situated in the heart of Central Otago next to the town of Cromwell.  The location gives a perfect mix of various sub-regional climates and optimum heat-degree-days.

Central Otago is New Zealand’s coolest wine region, and the world’s most southerly wine region at the 45th parallel, the same as Bordeaux and similar in climate to Burgundy, it highlights the similar importance of Pinot Noir.

The land for the Wooing Tree vineyard was purchased in 2002 and set up of the vineyard was managed by viticulturalist Robin Dicey. Before the grapes were planted, a number a trees needed to be felled and cleared, but unbeknown to the owners, one of the trees had quite a history.  The 90 year old tree commanded a place in local lore as a lovers’ rendezvous and had been given the name of “Wooing Tree”.  Once the new owners heard the story, the “Wooing Tree” was saved and aptly became the inspiration for the name of the vineyard and wine label.  The Wooing Tree is fast becoming a popular place for weddings and marriage proposals and now sits prominently in the middle of the vineyard.