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Vignobles Bouillac

Since childhood, Jean-Pierre Bouillac has been fascinated by grape varieties.  At age 14 he decided to become a vine grape nurseryman, like his father and his grandfather.  To produce wine from his own property was a natural step.  In 1996 he planted his first vineyard, with merlot and cabernet sauvignon, on a 5 hectare plot on his own estate.  This was the beginning of Château du Vieux Puit.   This family vineyard property, in Blaye côtes de Bordeaux has expanded from 5 hectares in 1996 to 80 hectares today.

Their considerable experience in vine nursery gives the Bouillac family a particular knowledge in selecting the right grape variety for any terroir and drawing the best from their lands.  In their wine production they manage the entire production process from the vineyard to bottling.


The family properties also include Château Clos du Loup (9 hectares of vineyard enclosed by a wall) and Château Haut Perdrias.  All three properties are in the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation.