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The Tullibardine distillery takes its name from the nearby Tullibardine Moor in the north east of Blackford. In 1947, a Welshman by the name of William Delme Evans purchased an existing brewery on this site with a view to converting it into a distillery.  Mr Evans also designed both the Jura and Glenallachie distilleries.  In 1949, Tullibardine distillery produced spirit for the first time and ran under Delme Evans’ ownership until 1953 where failing health forced him to sell it to the family company of Brodie Hepburn. The distillery had a series of owners since then, one owner doubling the size of the distillery in 1974 and installing the still in current use today.  

In 1994 Whyte and Mackay, owner at that time, decided to mothball Tullibardine along with several other malt distilleries, due to an excess of distillation capacity within their company.  The distillery then lay dormant until June 2003 when it was bought along with some of the existing stock of Tullibardine whisky by a consortium of five business men.  In December 2003, with the expertise of John Black as distillery manager, Tullibardine distillery once again fired up the boiler and spirit flowed from the stills for the first time in nearly nine years.

Throughout the re-commissioning process, care was taken to maintain as many of the traditional methods of production as possible and utilise the skills of the distillery manager and operators in producing the Tullibardine spirit.