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Terre del Principe

Terre del Principe (“the prince’s land”) is located in Castel Campagnano, in the province of Caserta, about 40 km. from Naples.  The territory is fringed by the mountain ranges of Taburno and Matese, enriching the soil, all the more making this an area ideally suited to olive and vine-cultivation.

As Nietsche wrote: “The seed of the thought is the challenge. Or love.” In the Mancini family’s case the seed was love for the land, love for wine, and the need to do not just well, but to excel. They have a sense of pride in having met the challenge of rediscovering and bringing back to life Pallagrello Bianco, Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia. Peppe Mancini rediscovered both Pallagrello and Casavecchia grapes. He was the one to believe in the potential of these native grape varieties and of this territory. A long study in conjunction with the University of Naples and the Region of Campania has finally resulted in the entry of Pallagrello Bianco, Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia into the national catalogue of winemaking grapes. The friendship and advice of Luigi Veronelli, the passion of oenologist Luigi Moio, and the counsel of agronomist Gaetano Pascale complete the picture.