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Socré was founded in Barbaresco in 1869, when a great-grandfather of the current owners purchased the farm land and moved to Barbaresco to cultivate vineyards. The name of the estate and its agricultural farm, Socré, means clog in Piedmontese and speak of the activity of the previous owner.

The company has always been exclusively wine-orientated, but from year 1958 Benedetto Piacentino (father and grandfather of the present owners) started a major organizational change. He completely redesigned the vineyard, increasing the amount of the Nebbiolo variety and began making wine for family use.

Since 1990 Marco Piacentino and his wife Rosella, supported and helped by their sons Giulio and Lorenzo, continue this enterprise. They have enlarged the company with new vineyards in Cisterna d’Asti and Alba (Barbera, Dolcetto, Croatina, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot), thereby developing the wine-growing family tradition in Lange and Roero.