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The ancient hamlet of Sangervasio was built in 754 AD to defend the small Romanic church and once was the property of the Counts Della Gherardesca.  Today Sangervasio maintains the old circular plan, with the villa and the cellar rising from the powerful basements of the ancient fortress.   The estate has been to property of the Tommasini family since 1960.  The winery is located in the Pisa Hills, 25 km. from the sea, surrounded by the pristine landscape of the Tuscan countryside.  The estate comprises 400 hectares, of which 22 are under vine.  The climate is Mediterranean, dry and somewhat windy.  The soil of Sangervasio is plyocenic, composed of fossil shells, sand and a good amount of clay.  Since 1996 the estate has been farmed organically, certified by Bioagricert.
Sangervasio produces wines in a contemporary style, made with the contribution of international varieties, but mostly with local grapes, which are the estate‚Äôs main focus.