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Quinta Das Marias

Quinta Das Marias has been a top quality boutique winery in the Dão region for nearly two decades. Continuing the traditions started during their first harvest, they hand-pick and hand-sort all of their grapes and use the time-honoured Portuguese method of lagar fermentation or new advanced tank methods, depending on the variety and characteristics they want to explore and enhance.
Dão, one of Portugal’s oldest established wine regions, like all of Portugal, is in the midst of a significant renaissance. Because of its prolonged isolation from the fashionable trends in winemaking that swept over Europe during the last century, Portugal preserved its rich heritage of indigenous grape varieties. With the advent of modern winemaking and its mineral rich granite soil, the Dão now enjoys real distinction in a crowded marketplace as a place favouring indigenous varietals.
Named after the river that runs through it, the Dão is protected from the Atlantic by thickly-forested mountains, which provide the perfect growing conditions of cool, wet winters and dry, mild summers.