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Kingsbarns Distillery


Established in 2014, Kingsbarns is a Lowland single malt distillery using only local barley from the sun-soaked fields of Fife.  To convert a historic and semi-derelict farm steading into a distillery, the Wemyss family worked closely with architects, engineers, designers and leading whisky specialists.  Mineral-rich water is sourced from an aquifer 100 metres directly below the distillery.  Superior cask maturation in bonded warehouses in Fife:  great lengths have been taken to source quality oak casks to mature the single malt whisky.  Meticulously crafted:  slow fermentation and long distillation.  Unhurried fermentation, lasting 65 – 85 hours, using both traditional distillers’ and French yeast strains, produces an intensely fruity character that, when slowly distilled in Scottish copper pot stills creates a remarkably clean, complex spirit.  Slow distillation and an early cut point of the 2nd distillation run is used to capture the clean, complex and light spirit.  Slow distillation on both wash and spirit still is used to maximise copper contact and reflux.