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South Africa

Dornier Wines is a family owned and operated producer of premium wines located in the Blaauwklippen Valley in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

The vineyards have been planted on the foots of the Stellenbosch Mountain and the Helderberg, an area that benefits from diverse microclimates and the cooling effects of the breezes coming from the Atlantic Ocean. These conditions help us in the pursuit of our signature style, which can be described as fresh and fruity, that pair well with food.
Dornier is also well known for its architecture and label design.

We produce wines in three ranges: Dornier Cocoa Hill, Dornier and our flagship Donatus.
Dornier is part of the Biodiversity and Wine initiative and has dedicated 20 hectares of its land to conservation. Dornier as embarked on its own encompassing Green initiative which includes aspects such as electricity, water treatment, lightweight bottles, and recycling. Dornier is also involved in a range of social responsibility initiatives.

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