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Domaine Tour Boisée

This family winery dates back to 1826 and was developed over the course of several generations that became grew very attached to the incomparable terroir of Laure in the Minervois.  Situated 25 km east of Carcasonne, it comprises 82 hectares of vines and is surrounded by over 2500 olive trees. Since 1982 it has been run by Marie-Claude (who grew up on the property) and her husband Jean-Louis (he himself comes from a long line of viticulturists). Today they work tirelessly to restore and preserve their old vineyards while extracting from them wines true to this most spectacular terroir. The property is named after the lovingly restored tower, La Tour Boisée, a remnant of the town’s 12th century fortifications, and stands today in the family home’s garden.