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Domaine Millet

Phillippe Millet, a young Beauceron farmer, settled a piece of land named “la Ferme de Marcault” in the mid 60’s.  Since some of the lots on which he cultivated cereals were eligible for AOC Petit Chablis, he established Domaine Millet in the early 80’s.  He proceeded to plant 9 hectares of Petit Chablis and went on to acquire vines in AOC Chablis and AOC Chablis 1er Cru Vaucoupin.  Phillippe decided that he would not limit himself solely to the production of good grapes, but that he would do the vinification and the commercialisation as well.

Several years ago Phillippe passed the family business to his capable sons, Paterne and Baudouin, who continue to develop the estate which is now 14 hectares: 9 hectares in AOC Petit Chablis, 4 hectares in AOC Chablis and 1 hectare in AOC Chablis 1er Cru Vaucoupin.  The vineyards are located in the northernmost part of Burgundy, where the climate is continental and the four seasons are well defined.  Today the Millet family is driven each and every day by the desire to cultivate the best vines and to produce the best Chardonnay grapes to reflect the “terroir” for which Chablis is known.