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Domaine du Coquerel


The House of Coquerel cherishes a solid belief: that a great Calvados is above all a great cidre and therefore masters all the production process of its Calvados.

In the perpetual quest for the perfect balance between the freshness of the fruit and the finesse of the distillate brought by the oak barrel aging.

The Domaine du Coquerel finds its roots in the heart of the bocage Normand a few kilometers from Mont-Saint-Michel.

The identity of the AOC Calvados cidre apples comes froma unique terroir and has slowly evolved since the Xth century when the first orchards were planted in Normandy.

The blending and balance of apple variety is fundamental in the cidre production process to bring Coquerel Calvados its unique attributes. There are four apple families: the bitter, bringing balance and harmony; the sweet, for their sugar; the bitter sweet, for their tanin and finally the acidic for their freshness.