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Château Maucoil


The history of Château Maucoil began several centuries ago. Ancient documents state that its first occupants were Romans and that they set up a base there for Caesar’s legions.
Later, Joseph de La Pise, Lord of Maucoil and archivist of the House of Orange-Nassau, the Dutch royal family, inherited the estate and the castle which was built in 1624. From then on, winegrowing became an intrinsic part of the history of Château Maucoil.

A series of illustrious families successively took over the reins of the estate and helped to establish its reputation. Already owners of another Château, the Arnaud family, several generations of whom were born and raised in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, decided to purchase the estate in 1995. Bénédicte, the youngest daughter of the Arnaud family, took charge of the Château with her husband, Charles Bonnet, in 2009.