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Château de la Negly


In the 18th century, the Château carried the name of Ancely.  It was in 1781 that the owner took the name Nerly to finally call it La Négly in 1807.
The Château de la Négly is located in the Languedoc, overlooking the Mediterranean, in the massif of La Clape.  Thanks to a privileged geographical location, a unique synergy of the elements takes place: stroked by the sea spray, buffeted between the Tramontane and the sea wind, this land bathed in sun captures the heat which warms up the berries that become saturated with golden light.
It’s here, in this terroir rich in alluvium, that the jewels of Château de la Négly are created with patience and skill.  Several families have managed the Domaine over the years.  Currently, the Paux-Rosset family manages the vineyards and winery. With the help of consultant oenologist and friend, Claude Gros, from vineyard to bottle, the wine-making process is entirely focused on creating wines of quality and distinction.