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Champagne Mailly Grand Cru


The village of Mailly is said to derive its name from the Latin Malliusacum.

Grapes have been grown in Mailly for centuries, since before the building of Reims Cathedral in the 13th century.  Mailly wines were much appreciated by the church and nobility and graced the finest tables from the Middle Ages onward.

Mailly Champagne was classified Grand Cru in 1920.  The exceptional quality of Mailly grapes comes from the area’s chalk subsoil that regulates soil temperature and humidity, and hillside plantings that enjoy full exposure to the sun.  Only 17 of Champagne’s 319 villages currently hold Grand Cru status.  The fruit they produce is rare and expensive and usually reserved for the finest Champagne cuvees.

Mailly Grand Cru is the only Champagne house to source all of its wines from Grand Cru vineyards.