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Bodega Aniello

Bodega Aniello is a small winery looking to explore the value of the ancient winemaking tradition of Patagonia, while keeping a connection with one of the owner’s Italian roots.  There are many similarities between Bodega Aniello in Patagonia, and the ancient family wine cellar in Sorrento, Italy.   

In a second stage, another 20 hectare estate with an old winery within was purchased. The winery was originally built in 1927, and the estate had 1 hectare of old vineyards planted back in 1932 and 4 hectares planted in 1947.
Its unique and incomparable scenery magically combine plateaus, snow, rivers, winds, plains and sea. The first estate we purchased in the Valley is called 006, is located just on the north bank of the Rio Negro, and is one of the few vineyards in Argentina next to a river with actual water flow.  It is located at 39 ° South Latitude, 350 meters above sea level.   The winds and constant breezes, together with low relative humidity, helps keep the vineyards pest-free and contribute to the concentration in the fruit, color and structure.  The alluvial soils are very heterogeneous, moderately deep, with stone-dominated areas, and others with sandy/loamy soil types.  This heterogeneity allows us to harvest and process the same variety from different soil types, cropping at different times, with resulting wines completely different, which not only differ but complement one another.
Sustainable agriculture and an integrated management of the vineyard together with reduction of carbon-trace projects has become the path we have chosen out of respect for nature and as a legacy to our children. We are migrating from conventional to sustainable agriculture, a system that benefits by using natural alternatives for fertilization, pests, disease and weed prevention.