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In the band of hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene lies the DOCG zone of Prosecco Superiore and Cartizze.   Unique conditions are created by the Dolomites to the north, which protect this area from frigid winds, and by the natural ventilation coming from the lagoon of Venice from the south.  This distinctive climate ensures our “Rive” (hillside vineyards planted on steep, rugged slopes) a high thermal amplitude (day-night temperature difference), ideal for the maturation of grapes rich in aromas and crisp acids.
In 1920, grandfather Abele purchased a vineyard from Conte Balbi Valier that enjoyed the exposure of natural elements.  Together with his son Adriano, Abele established a bond that has always held firm:  Prosecco of Casa Adami.
Sparkling wine is not born, it becomes.  It is the presa di spuma, or second fermentation, which takes place is stainless steel pressure fermenters, that makes all of the difference.  This process allows the natural formation of carbon dioxide at the pressure required to form a long-lasting bead of delicate, pin-point bubbles; this is what transforms a wine into spumante or sparkling wine. The stages of this process take 30-45 days and the process is initiated numerous times during the year ensuring the freshness and integrity of aromas and flavours.